Anti Celulite Phyto Oil

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A golden oil made with no expense spared or corners cut, and loaded with the deep-acting detoxifying and stimulating oils used by therapists globally during cellulite treatment, leg-lightening inch-loss treatments. This cellulite treatment for legs, thighs, buttocks, stomach & arms uses plant based extracts to promote smoothness of the skin and lighten heavy feeling legs.

This is the ultimate detox aromatherapy body sculpting blend. It delivers fast before-and-after effects as part of a countdown body contouring regime, whether used at home or in the salon.

Loaded with the VARCO® ESSENTIAL OIL COMPLEX of deep-acting detox oils to clean the lymph and clear the fluid trapped around fat cells that causes cellulite. 

  • Body sculpting with juniper berry, lemon, rosemary, geranium and lavender, a powerful botanical mix that delivers fast and visible before-and-after effects on the toughest cellulite  

This formula is developed in collaboration with Italian Scientists

- Targets cellulite to intensify body-shaping
- Helps to relieve fluid retention, puffiness & heaviness


Specially designed to help maintain the well-being of the legs. Its formulation based on, 3 essential ceramides, plant molecule complex, vitamins A (beta-carotene), C and E, Vitamin B12, folic acid, choline (derived from aloe barbadensis) and oil of seasmum indicum naturally relieves the heaviness of the legs and protects skin barrier helping you to restore normal leg well-being. With a mix of glucomannans, amino acids, lipids, sterols and vitamins it helps restore normal venous tone by helping the circulatory restoration of your legs. NATURAL AND SAFE: NO Chemical, No Fillers, Non GMO Ingredients, Clinically Tested Ingredients