URhalt Topical Oil

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Urinary tract infection Bowel problems, such as constipation prostatitis, painful infection of the prostate gland Certain neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease or stroke Kidney or bladder stones Blockage due to prostate cancer or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) Overflow Incontinence: It is usually caused by obstruction of the urethra from BHP or prostate cancer or when the bladder muscles contract weakly or don't contract when they should. Other causes include

URINARY INCONTINENCE IN MEN Stress Incontinence: It occurs when the muscle (sphincter) surrounding the urethra opens at an inappropriate time when you laugh, sneeze, cough, lift something or change posture. Urge Incontinence: It is caused by bladder contractions that are too strong to be stopped by the sphincter. Often the urge is a response to something that makes you anticipate urination, such as waiting to use a toilet, unlocking the door when returning home or even turning on a faucet. Bladder contractions can be caused by many conditions, including .

URINARY INCONTINENCE IN WOMEN Stress Incontinence: It is caused by conditions that stretch the pelvic floor muscles, such as childbirth and weight gain. When these muscles can't support your bladder well, the bladder drops down and pushes against the vagina. Thereby you can't tighten the muscles that usually closes the urethra and urine may leak because of the extra pressure on the bladder when you cough, sneeze, laugh, exercise or do other activities. This is the most common type of urinary incontinence in women. A chronic cough can make stress incontinence worse. Urge Incontinence: It is caused when the bladder muscle involuntarily contracts and pushes urine out of the bladder. Although doctors have difficulty finding the specific cause, common factors include Irritation of the bladder Emotional stress Brain conditions such as Parkinson's disease or stroke.


Take a cap-full of oil

- -The oil must be applied in circular motion around your naval area/abdomen muscle with the tip of 3 central fingers. Wait till oil is fully absorbed

-Use 2/3 times a day.
- You can take a shower after 20 mins of application
- Relax and don’t squeeze/stretch the muscles while applying.

Specially designed to help maintain the well-being of the legs. Its formulation based on, 3 essential ceramides, plant molecule complex, vitamins A (beta-carotene), C and E, Vitamin B12, folic acid, choline (derived from aloe barbadensis) and oil of seasmum indicum naturally relieves the heaviness of the legs and protects skin barrier helping you to restore normal leg well-being. With a mix of glucomannans, amino acids, lipids, sterols and vitamins it helps restore normal venous tone by helping the circulatory restoration of your legs. NATURAL AND SAFE: NO Chemical, No Fillers, Non GMO Ingredients, Clinically Tested Ingredients