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Ulsr Soothe Max is an advanced wound care solution designed to treat Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Varicose Veins Ulcers, and Foot Blisters. Clinically proven to support rapid healing in as little as 4 weeks, this scientifically formulated product offers targeted relief for individuals facing the challenges of these specific conditions. Backed by research, Ulsr Soothe Max provides a user-friendly application process, ensuring convenience without compromising its effectiveness. Experience the confidence of faster, more efficient wound healing with Ulsr Soothe Max, your trusted partner in promoting optimal foot health.







    Direction of use:-

    • Clean the affected area with sterile saline or regular water. Gently pat it dry with a
      soft cloth.
    • Ensure cleanliness by thoroughly washing your hands before applying
      the cream.
    • Pump out a considerable amount of the cream onto your palm or a
      cotton swab.
    • Use a circular motion to apply the cream evenly over the ulcer,
      avoiding further irritation.
    • If instructed, protect the ulcer by covering it with a sterile bandage
      or dressing.
    • Wash your hands thoroughly to prevent residue transfer.


    What is Foot Ulcer and how does it arise?

    A foot ulcer is an open wound, often on the foot's bottom or ankle, commonly seen in people with diabetes or those with vascular or health issues. It results from a mix of factors:

    Peripheral Neuropathy: In diabetes, nerve damage in the feet reduces sensation, making injuries or pressure points painless and unnoticed, leading to ulcer formation.

    Poor Circulation: Diabetes and chronic venous insufficiency reduce blood flow to the feet, slowing healing and increasing infection risk.

    Foot Deformities: Structural issues in the feet create areas of pressure, making the skin prone to breakdown and ulcer development.Infections: Diabetic individuals with compromised immune systems are more susceptible to infections in formed ulcers, complicating the healing process.

    Specially designed to help maintain the well-being of the legs. Its formulation based on, 3 essential ceramides, plant molecule complex, vitamins A (beta-carotene), C and E, Vitamin B12, folic acid, choline (derived from aloe barbadensis) and oil of seasmum indicum naturally relieves the heaviness of the legs and protects skin barrier helping you to restore normal leg well-being. With a mix of glucomannans, amino acids, lipids, sterols and vitamins it helps restore normal venous tone by helping the circulatory restoration of your legs. NATURAL AND SAFE: NO Chemical, No Fillers, Non GMO Ingredients, Clinically Tested Ingredients

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